Trials of the Realm can die in a fire.

Trials of the Realm can die in a fire.


I also dislike these new passes. The old ones were fine. You got it done by playing. If you wanted the title then you did the challenges. If you didn't, fine. I won't buy a battle pass until they get rid of this new system.


the changed it because they were way too generous for a small company like em and were making no money


Greedy fucks


bro literally everything in life is about making money if they stopped making money the company would have shut down and loads of people would have lost their jobs (em not hi rez)


that doesn't make sense though. The reason why the old system was too generous is because by completing the pass you would get all your crystals back. This is still the case (except for the Crossover Pass), all they did was make it a lot more tedious to get your crystals (but not to the extent that you wouldn't just put in the work). If they really wanted to be "less generous" they'd have just reduced the amount of crystals you get in return instead of hiding the rewards behind annoying challenges whose only purpose is to artificially increase player engagement while simultaneously pissing off most of the playerbase. They're...not very smart.


At least you raised a fair point. I do agree that the old one was way better and I agree with you too


that's fair. just remove some of the gems that you got back. but the having to kill 42 players with an ability that does 7 damage is not fun at all for anyone. If the challenges were reasonable, then ok.


yes trials is a bit insane, luckily from a glance these ones might not be so bad but idk i didnt look that thouroughly


The old battle pass was better in every way. Trials was a nice idea, but ultimately failed I think


It needs weapons skins or I ain't bothering.


>The former is an issue because there are characters that people don't like playing as exactly , i dont like to play seris , but this challenges is FORCING me to do it to get back my crystals/ , i dont like to play ranked but this challenge is forcing me to do it (play 5 ranked games), old challenges was a lot better , if you did the challenges , you could flex with the title everywhere , but if you didn't liked to trouble yourself with those challenges , then you lose nothing , but now? they put all crystals from the battle pass in that goddamn trials of the realm, you will be stuck at 0 crystals forever if you don't do challenges, so thats what i mean by "forcing", and i doubt that there is a living soul that enjoyed doing seris/pip challenges i prefer having that login system reward back (where you could get rewards by logging in everyday to get 50 crystals and around 3000 gold every week) than having this trials of the realm


I don’t know why. But got it done in 3 maps. Guess playing a lot of Seris makes it easy to do. (Yes against bots). The pip one was more challenging.


Bro just play a bot match on mauders port and shoot the spot in the ground right infrot of the turn on the enemies side of the map to glitch them in the corner, ult, hit all 5, press q, rinse and repeat 2 more times


Yea i know, but i have to get marauders in the first place hope i get seris first, have ult, and hope the enemies dont dash out of ult range or pop a cc immune ability the second they get out of spawn or have a teammate finish them off before i can press q. I guess i just got super unlucky with this challenge