MK48: an MMG the size of an LMG

MK48: an MMG the size of an LMG




mm yesssss. Be cool to have an old variant and then some modern 240 variants. maybe even a 240L. But I figure a mk48 might not be so much trouble to make. (im no coder but with the 249 already existing and all)


AFAIK its not as simple as porting over the M249 prefab to a similar model; Anton has always said that belt-fed guns are some of the hardest guns to implement, and the few modders who have attempted to make belt guns of their own have all said that even making variants of existing guns is a pain. Not saying it will never happen, but there's a reason why we only have a handful of belt guns.


This isn't really that simple. The coding for belt feds is complicated and finicky. Onto of that the M249 already being in doesn't really help this atall. It can't refuse the code as the M249 has some features the MK48 doesn't. It's not really a variant difference it's an entirely different platform that shares heritage.


Please… just any belt-fed 7.62 MG…